Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lust ! Holy City Style!!!!!

Well I know that I have had a bunch of sexual adventures in my short lifetime, and most of those adventures happen during my time in Charleston , South Carolina . First and foremost I spend a great deal of my adult life in South Carolina . Believe it or not it help sharpen my skills in communication with people , and most of all women , because talking to people in south is like working at the United Nations . Meaning that in every section of area is always a different lingo and customs , and in Charleston there's a complete different world in one part of town verses the other part . For an example, if you're in the downtown area back in mid 90's , there was and still is in flux of college students and non natives , so there was always something new to explore as far as conversation went . During this time the downtown was cultural hot bed of free thinkers , bohemians , and sexual liberation. King Street served as the hub for most generation X'ers to converge and expressed their disdain for status quot that rejected thought-out their teenage years . This was where I excel in finding friends that I would keep even to this day .
Then there was all the bars and clubs of area in downtown . Till 2002 most bars and clubs in the city did really close till 5a.m. Which means that most of dance clubs closed at 2 a.m. , and most of the bars didn't closed till 5 a.m. , the only drawback was that only beer and wine was served during this time. But I didn't care , just meant for me that the women in these places was good and toasted and was horny enough to fall for any game.

Now with being said , there's the polar opposite which was North Charleston , where downtown was tight little community of free thinkers , the North Charleston was no where near it . North Charleston was in a way the bane of the area , a working class area . Filled with factories and at the time the military base the sort of gave it economic support . Most of the population was black , living near or below the poverty line . Living in North Charleston did come with some risk in the ghettos but mostly it was the area where all the real action did happen at . Most of the hookers , strip clubs and porn book stores all exist in harmony .

I lived in the tiny town of Goose Creek , which was worlds away from all this action , for me and my friends at the time a trip to downtown offered us an escape from the rednecks , jock assholes , quiet lifestyle of the suburbs. I was still young and was staying with my parents but when some of my closest relatives from the Bronx moved down to West Ashley . I saw it as an opportunity to move in with a family I was a bit more comfortable with at the time. Living in West Ashley was still like living in Goose Creek expect there was more rednecks and more stuck up preppie assholes . I had a few comforts living there :

  • My cousin Des , we we're born on the same day but a year apart from each other ( I was the elder one .)
  • West Ashley was a short 30 mins. Bus ride from downtown since I didn't own a car at the time .
  • I manage to find some cool friends there that share my love for death metal at the time .

After a short stint in the army I found myself right back where I start living with my family in West Ashley . Working at a shitty fast food job cause I needed a job fast and my cousin was already working there and help me get the job . The only thing that made these weeks go by fast was working up to Friday, because Friday nights was when I would hit downtown and partied my ass off all weekend . It was during this time frame where I would people that who impacted me for the rest of my life , and the women I share a bunch of moments and bodily fluids with .

these are going to be quick tells of hooking up in Charleston and other spots in the Southeast , During the summer of 1995 to the end 2007 . this might be a on going series(maybe ..)

  • cock block by luck ….....:
some time there is times where my mouth and my looks can work against me either I want to or not . I was at an after hour bar on King Street that was know to be a local hang out spot for people who work in the service industry and strippers. I was there earlier because it was a week nite and most of the bars was slow on this night , including this one . The only reason I really stayed was because of a cute curvy blonde sitting at the bar drinking alone . I felt this was my time to make a move and maybe get laid on this nite . During this time I had the whole raver/punk look going on , My hair was bleached blonde and I had both of my ears pierced , so I made my move over to her, said down at the bar stool next to her and begin talking to her . The more I talked the more she smiled . And I was getting closer to wrapping this night up with her riding cock . That when this short , over tanned raven haired skinny chick jump into my lap and said in my book the worst pick up by a women .
“I don't like dating black men ….., but in your case I would make an exception....”
“oh really well that a good way to win me over, excuse me I was talking to my friend here”, I said .
“yea I know but I think your look is so sexy , and mother used to date black dudes who played football for the redskins before she married my step father...” said continued .
“well that tragic …..I hope y'all can work that out in family therapy. Now as you can see I was talking to someone “ , I said.
That when the blonde sat up and said “ well you can talk to her I gotta run anyway , if you're a regular here I 'll see you again. “
I tried to begged her to stay and said “ listen I 'll roll with you ,I'm done drinking any way.”
she smile and said “ it cool sweetie just chill here and watch over her , she's a bit drunk any way “
“okay , I will find you again . You can count on that .” I replied
She bailed on me and left me with the dumb skinny bitch who couldn't handle her liquor or didn't have anything remotely intelligent to offer me .
“ can you give me a ride to my house ?” she asked me .
Know that all hope was loss at this moment , I figured I had nothing left to lose.
“why not , where do you stay ?”, I asked .
“ ...on Smith street right off of Calhoun.” ,she said .
“well let's go “ , I replied .
I was glad this chick only live 5 minutes away from the in driving time . So I drove her to the apartment , which was an old 3 story historic made into a apartment for students .
“ are about you come up and chill with me for a bit “ , she Asked .
“sure ….” I said .
Well proceed up stairs to her apartment , made our way to her bedroom , where she stared to under dress herself and fell on the bed , she was lying there topless in her pink thong . That when I notice how tanned she really was . I can tell she wore a strapless bikini top because her breast was ghost white and the rest of her chest look like a well cooked lobster .
“so are you going to get a condom” , she asked .
“yep” , I replied .
She pointed to her dresser , I walked over and saw a jewelry box with 3 or 4 condoms on the inside, so I grab on and ripped open the wrapper .remove my jeans and stoke my penis till it reach erection . I had to do this because I wasn't really attracted to the female but I had revenge sex on my mind , revenge for cock blocking me from my real goal , but for mostly for being a stuck up racist bitch who want some black cock to get back at mommy for denying  it to her .
I removed her thongs , and saw ghostly white vagina with dark black pubic hair , which was groomed and trim , her labia did have the roast beef affect going . I might be going where most likely half a frat house has already been inside many of times . I inserted my penis inside the warehouse called a vagina , pumped inside there for like 20 minutes , came , then got off her and started to get dress . My back was turned to her while I was getting dressed , when I turned around I notice the little slut had fallen to sleep. I walked over to the trash pale by the dress to disposed of the condom and notice a one hundred dollar bill folded in a cup with some mix change , so I figured she used me for her black man sex fantasy and cock block me , and also used me as her taxi cab. I could take the money as services rendered . I garb the cash and made a speedy exit and went back to the bar to wrapped up my night of drinking . When I go to the bar I notice there was an extra bill in the fold, it was a fifty dollar bill .this was good because I used it to buy a half gram of blow with it .
I guess the night wasn't a total loss.

Blondes prefer butt sex.........
There is times where I have the ability to leave a lasting impressing on people . This one case it came back to bite me on the ass , but in a good way for a while . This happen on a Halloween night , I was hanging with K.Hopp while he was a gig at a club called channel red on King Street. It was a night where all the hip scene kids was there and local downtown hippers was gather at too . I was drinking and dancing most of the night either topless or in my wife beater .
I still can't remember how me and this women started to talk , but I know that see was smoking hot when I saw her. She was wear scrubs , I figured her costume was a nurse , but later on I would find out she was actually a nurse . She was had a nice set of triple D cup breast , and a pear shaped figured working for her. I invited her to dance , which see did . Then said to me while we was dancing
“you don't remember do ?.” ( I always fall victim for this …)
“ eeerrr not really at this moment, I'm so fucked up ,it hard to recall “ , I said .
“ well I met you at acme a few months ago with you're friend Waldo “ , she said .
“ oh I see....” , I replied .
We made our way off the dance floor , and sat down at the bar . She ordered a drink for us . We talk some more . She was with some friends from work on this night , they was telling her that they were leaving and going home for the night . This is when she figured to make the next move and go home herself . She asked to walk her to the car . I figured this would be my chance to make a move to hook up with her .
“ I don't know if I should take home with me , I barely know you ” ,she said .
“mmm well it a free country........” , I replied.
“ you know what I remembered the most about that night ?” , she said .
“what was that ?” , I asked .
“you big hard dick rubbing against my ass ….” , she giggled .
This was the open I was waiting for , so I figured to come with a smooth line on the fly and hope I hit a bulls eye.
“ well you know we're all strangers passing each other in the road of life , then we come to a intersection and crash into each other then a new world opens up to us .” , I said .
I know it sound lame as fuck ,but in my liquor fuel brain, this was the best thing I could come up with .
She open the driver side door on her car , then proceed to get in her car , there was a pause and then she unlock the door on my side . That was invite to go with her.
I was shock that this line actually worked , and the ride to her place on Folly beach turned into a Q&A .
“so would you do bondage with me ?” , she asked
“you tying me up or you ?” , I asked
“you tying me up …..” , she said
“sure no problem “, I replied .
“cool, what about anal sex?” , she asked .
“er you're not fucking me in the ass, no way!” , I demanded.
“ha ha no silly you fucking me in the ass “ , she giggled .
“sure you got it “ , I said
now this was the first time I ever had anal with a woman and the first time someone actually requested it to say the least .
We arrived at her place with was a small loft apartment , small but cozy . We sat on the couch where see pack a bowl of some fresh kind Bud weed . I took a few hits that when she invited to go upstairs to the bed . She stripped off all her clothes , and I must say that bra must suppress a lot of the breast actual size , because when she got topless it was like they grew another cup size . She gave me a condom , and bend over on the bed . Then she handed me a riding crop and said ,
“spank my naughty white ass!”
So I had to take a crash course on using a riding crop, I figured I must have done a good job because she got dripping when I started to go down on her. Then stick my cock inside her ass, she screamed at the top of lungs . I'm pretty sure she woke up a few neighbors , and might've made think she was getting murdered. It was getting so crazy ,every time I would go deep she would take her hand and cover her mouth . We ended up fucking like this a few times that night , till we passed out . She gave me a ride home that morning since I did have a car at the time and she did bring out to the beach where there no was running buses . Once at my house we had some small talk , kissed and I asked her for her number to keep in touch with her, she wrote it down and place it in my pocket and left the car and went inside my house . I took a power nap because I was still a but hungover and she fucked the hell out of me that morning before I left . Later on that evening I went to call her , dial the number and got a recording telling me that the number was disconnected. All I could think is that a dumb move , you give me a wrong number, but let me know where you live ? Oh well I just paid her a visit when I went to Folly Beach the next day and teach her a lesson in manners......