Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lust ! Holy City Style!!!!!

Well I know that I have had a bunch of sexual adventures in my short lifetime, and most of those adventures happen during my time in Charleston , South Carolina . First and foremost I spend a great deal of my adult life in South Carolina . Believe it or not it help sharpen my skills in communication with people , and most of all women , because talking to people in south is like working at the United Nations . Meaning that in every section of area is always a different lingo and customs , and in Charleston there's a complete different world in one part of town verses the other part . For an example, if you're in the downtown area back in mid 90's , there was and still is in flux of college students and non natives , so there was always something new to explore as far as conversation went . During this time the downtown was cultural hot bed of free thinkers , bohemians , and sexual liberation. King Street served as the hub for most generation X'ers to converge and expressed their disdain for status quot that rejected thought-out their teenage years . This was where I excel in finding friends that I would keep even to this day .
Then there was all the bars and clubs of area in downtown . Till 2002 most bars and clubs in the city did really close till 5a.m. Which means that most of dance clubs closed at 2 a.m. , and most of the bars didn't closed till 5 a.m. , the only drawback was that only beer and wine was served during this time. But I didn't care , just meant for me that the women in these places was good and toasted and was horny enough to fall for any game.

Now with being said , there's the polar opposite which was North Charleston , where downtown was tight little community of free thinkers , the North Charleston was no where near it . North Charleston was in a way the bane of the area , a working class area . Filled with factories and at the time the military base the sort of gave it economic support . Most of the population was black , living near or below the poverty line . Living in North Charleston did come with some risk in the ghettos but mostly it was the area where all the real action did happen at . Most of the hookers , strip clubs and porn book stores all exist in harmony .

I lived in the tiny town of Goose Creek , which was worlds away from all this action , for me and my friends at the time a trip to downtown offered us an escape from the rednecks , jock assholes , quiet lifestyle of the suburbs. I was still young and was staying with my parents but when some of my closest relatives from the Bronx moved down to West Ashley . I saw it as an opportunity to move in with a family I was a bit more comfortable with at the time. Living in West Ashley was still like living in Goose Creek expect there was more rednecks and more stuck up preppie assholes . I had a few comforts living there :

  • My cousin Des , we we're born on the same day but a year apart from each other ( I was the elder one .)
  • West Ashley was a short 30 mins. Bus ride from downtown since I didn't own a car at the time .
  • I manage to find some cool friends there that share my love for death metal at the time .

After a short stint in the army I found myself right back where I start living with my family in West Ashley . Working at a shitty fast food job cause I needed a job fast and my cousin was already working there and help me get the job . The only thing that made these weeks go by fast was working up to Friday, because Friday nights was when I would hit downtown and partied my ass off all weekend . It was during this time frame where I would people that who impacted me for the rest of my life , and the women I share a bunch of moments and bodily fluids with .

these are going to be quick tells of hooking up in Charleston and other spots in the Southeast , During the summer of 1995 to the end 2007 . this might be a on going series(maybe ..)

  • cock block by luck ….....:
some time there is times where my mouth and my looks can work against me either I want to or not . I was at an after hour bar on King Street that was know to be a local hang out spot for people who work in the service industry and strippers. I was there earlier because it was a week nite and most of the bars was slow on this night , including this one . The only reason I really stayed was because of a cute curvy blonde sitting at the bar drinking alone . I felt this was my time to make a move and maybe get laid on this nite . During this time I had the whole raver/punk look going on , My hair was bleached blonde and I had both of my ears pierced , so I made my move over to her, said down at the bar stool next to her and begin talking to her . The more I talked the more she smiled . And I was getting closer to wrapping this night up with her riding cock . That when this short , over tanned raven haired skinny chick jump into my lap and said in my book the worst pick up by a women .
“I don't like dating black men ….., but in your case I would make an exception....”
“oh really well that a good way to win me over, excuse me I was talking to my friend here”, I said .
“yea I know but I think your look is so sexy , and mother used to date black dudes who played football for the redskins before she married my step father...” said continued .
“well that tragic …..I hope y'all can work that out in family therapy. Now as you can see I was talking to someone “ , I said.
That when the blonde sat up and said “ well you can talk to her I gotta run anyway , if you're a regular here I 'll see you again. “
I tried to begged her to stay and said “ listen I 'll roll with you ,I'm done drinking any way.”
she smile and said “ it cool sweetie just chill here and watch over her , she's a bit drunk any way “
“okay , I will find you again . You can count on that .” I replied
She bailed on me and left me with the dumb skinny bitch who couldn't handle her liquor or didn't have anything remotely intelligent to offer me .
“ can you give me a ride to my house ?” she asked me .
Know that all hope was loss at this moment , I figured I had nothing left to lose.
“why not , where do you stay ?”, I asked .
“ ...on Smith street right off of Calhoun.” ,she said .
“well let's go “ , I replied .
I was glad this chick only live 5 minutes away from the in driving time . So I drove her to the apartment , which was an old 3 story historic made into a apartment for students .
“ are about you come up and chill with me for a bit “ , she Asked .
“sure ….” I said .
Well proceed up stairs to her apartment , made our way to her bedroom , where she stared to under dress herself and fell on the bed , she was lying there topless in her pink thong . That when I notice how tanned she really was . I can tell she wore a strapless bikini top because her breast was ghost white and the rest of her chest look like a well cooked lobster .
“so are you going to get a condom” , she asked .
“yep” , I replied .
She pointed to her dresser , I walked over and saw a jewelry box with 3 or 4 condoms on the inside, so I grab on and ripped open the wrapper .remove my jeans and stoke my penis till it reach erection . I had to do this because I wasn't really attracted to the female but I had revenge sex on my mind , revenge for cock blocking me from my real goal , but for mostly for being a stuck up racist bitch who want some black cock to get back at mommy for denying  it to her .
I removed her thongs , and saw ghostly white vagina with dark black pubic hair , which was groomed and trim , her labia did have the roast beef affect going . I might be going where most likely half a frat house has already been inside many of times . I inserted my penis inside the warehouse called a vagina , pumped inside there for like 20 minutes , came , then got off her and started to get dress . My back was turned to her while I was getting dressed , when I turned around I notice the little slut had fallen to sleep. I walked over to the trash pale by the dress to disposed of the condom and notice a one hundred dollar bill folded in a cup with some mix change , so I figured she used me for her black man sex fantasy and cock block me , and also used me as her taxi cab. I could take the money as services rendered . I garb the cash and made a speedy exit and went back to the bar to wrapped up my night of drinking . When I go to the bar I notice there was an extra bill in the fold, it was a fifty dollar bill .this was good because I used it to buy a half gram of blow with it .
I guess the night wasn't a total loss.

Blondes prefer butt sex.........
There is times where I have the ability to leave a lasting impressing on people . This one case it came back to bite me on the ass , but in a good way for a while . This happen on a Halloween night , I was hanging with K.Hopp while he was a gig at a club called channel red on King Street. It was a night where all the hip scene kids was there and local downtown hippers was gather at too . I was drinking and dancing most of the night either topless or in my wife beater .
I still can't remember how me and this women started to talk , but I know that see was smoking hot when I saw her. She was wear scrubs , I figured her costume was a nurse , but later on I would find out she was actually a nurse . She was had a nice set of triple D cup breast , and a pear shaped figured working for her. I invited her to dance , which see did . Then said to me while we was dancing
“you don't remember do ?.” ( I always fall victim for this …)
“ eeerrr not really at this moment, I'm so fucked up ,it hard to recall “ , I said .
“ well I met you at acme a few months ago with you're friend Waldo “ , she said .
“ oh I see....” , I replied .
We made our way off the dance floor , and sat down at the bar . She ordered a drink for us . We talk some more . She was with some friends from work on this night , they was telling her that they were leaving and going home for the night . This is when she figured to make the next move and go home herself . She asked to walk her to the car . I figured this would be my chance to make a move to hook up with her .
“ I don't know if I should take home with me , I barely know you ” ,she said .
“mmm well it a free country........” , I replied.
“ you know what I remembered the most about that night ?” , she said .
“what was that ?” , I asked .
“you big hard dick rubbing against my ass ….” , she giggled .
This was the open I was waiting for , so I figured to come with a smooth line on the fly and hope I hit a bulls eye.
“ well you know we're all strangers passing each other in the road of life , then we come to a intersection and crash into each other then a new world opens up to us .” , I said .
I know it sound lame as fuck ,but in my liquor fuel brain, this was the best thing I could come up with .
She open the driver side door on her car , then proceed to get in her car , there was a pause and then she unlock the door on my side . That was invite to go with her.
I was shock that this line actually worked , and the ride to her place on Folly beach turned into a Q&A .
“so would you do bondage with me ?” , she asked
“you tying me up or you ?” , I asked
“you tying me up …..” , she said
“sure no problem “, I replied .
“cool, what about anal sex?” , she asked .
“er you're not fucking me in the ass, no way!” , I demanded.
“ha ha no silly you fucking me in the ass “ , she giggled .
“sure you got it “ , I said
now this was the first time I ever had anal with a woman and the first time someone actually requested it to say the least .
We arrived at her place with was a small loft apartment , small but cozy . We sat on the couch where see pack a bowl of some fresh kind Bud weed . I took a few hits that when she invited to go upstairs to the bed . She stripped off all her clothes , and I must say that bra must suppress a lot of the breast actual size , because when she got topless it was like they grew another cup size . She gave me a condom , and bend over on the bed . Then she handed me a riding crop and said ,
“spank my naughty white ass!”
So I had to take a crash course on using a riding crop, I figured I must have done a good job because she got dripping when I started to go down on her. Then stick my cock inside her ass, she screamed at the top of lungs . I'm pretty sure she woke up a few neighbors , and might've made think she was getting murdered. It was getting so crazy ,every time I would go deep she would take her hand and cover her mouth . We ended up fucking like this a few times that night , till we passed out . She gave me a ride home that morning since I did have a car at the time and she did bring out to the beach where there no was running buses . Once at my house we had some small talk , kissed and I asked her for her number to keep in touch with her, she wrote it down and place it in my pocket and left the car and went inside my house . I took a power nap because I was still a but hungover and she fucked the hell out of me that morning before I left . Later on that evening I went to call her , dial the number and got a recording telling me that the number was disconnected. All I could think is that a dumb move , you give me a wrong number, but let me know where you live ? Oh well I just paid her a visit when I went to Folly Beach the next day and teach her a lesson in manners......

Saturday, July 9, 2011

the blueprint of me.............

Since I started writing these stories I always write about the funny side of my life . Yeah , there been stories of torrid sex with women , and giving you, the reader a small peek into my life , but with joy there is pain . There are turning points in life that can change us forever. Peeling away a part of our soul and leaving behind former ghost of ourselves. I walked down many paths in life , and befriend people from every walk of life . In still there was those who impact was so deep that it left an impression that can't be remove .

I was going to write a new story about the time I was cheated on , and few other interesting details. That was the plan for most of week. That was until less than 24 hour ago . I came home from a small get together with some new friend (to be it lightly ) , and check my facebook page. I had two new friend request . One was from someone I knew from high school, which isn't unusual for me I found a great deal of former high school friends through facebook (as well as a bunch of pornstars too! God bless them!). The second was from a person I didn't recognize for a brief second , then I went to the profile page . I remember that I had a small heart attack scare back in November, at moment I started to have the same pain both physically and mentally . She was the first great love in life and then in a flash my greatest heartbreak and failure in my love life . Yes I know I was young then (22) and was inexperience in my love life, but for the first time in my young life I had my first true taste of what it felt like to really love another human being that wasn't related by blood or because they made come hard from sex . It was deeper and more emotional that what I could ever compare to know nor feel .

It was in 1996 when my world crash into hers . I was hanging out and dancing at a party , on King street in Charleston at the old Treehouse club . My best friend at the time K.Hopp was djing at on that night. It was a small room downstairs in the lounge area. He was in rare form this night spinning some deep house music and Detroit style techo music . The room was very dark this night a few clubs lights barely keep it lit to see the other people dance within each other . There wasn't a bar so getting drunk was out of the question , but K.Hopp always keep some booze and weed on him so I was feeling good on this nite . I knew almost all the regulars in the downtown Charleston party scene, but there was two new faces in the crowd . The one person that a cute wavy hair woman wearing blue jean and a t shirt dancing in the corner with a sightly taller slim blonde women . So I made my way over to them and started dancing . Now for the record , the rave scene in the southeast was the kind of scene where sexuality was open and free , free from the egos that made the mainstream party scene sleazy and vile in my eyes , so I never had the idea that I would hook-up with someone in this scene let alone date someone who was embedded in it . It seem like this women and I would dance for a long time , but it wasn't that long it was just that K.Hopp was spinning a long fucking mix . When he crossed faded into the next song we stop and took a seat .

“wow you're a good dancer....”,she said.
“thanks , you're not too bad yourself”, I replied

we talked for what it seem like 45 minutes or maybe more. At the time she was the most intriguing women I have met at the time . She asked me question that I never had a random women asked me before . Things that made me think deeper about myself . It was a bit refreshing in way now that I look back at it , Because Charleston itself was a cesspool of mindless drones and the mindless sluts who loved them (sorry but it true why you think I moved out of that 3 times already!). As the hours got later ,she invited me back to her house for a post party relaxation. Her roommate manage to hook up with the guy promoted the party, so we pack ourselves into her roommate's 2 door Toyota and made our way over to their apartment , which as I shit you not right ,down the street from my place . It was a much nicer apartment then mine , we made our way to her room , we started to make out , things was starting to get hot and heavy , as I started to pull off her shirt , she stopped dead in my tracks and said ,
“er , I wasn't planning on something like this to happen , let me change. I'll be back in few “
she got off the bed and went to her dresser draw and grab a few items out of the draw and went to the bathroom. Here I am laying in her bed waiting on her to enter the room . It seem like hours even though it was only 20 minutes , she entered the room . Oh my god she walked out the room a cute hippie chick , only to return as a goddess of love . Wearing whole entire Victoria secret page 3 collection . She even had on the rode . I felt guilty because on this night I was free balling , so I figured I needed to make foreplay last a little longer than usual . Up to this point I had a great of sex with ladies , and it was good but for the first time in my life this actually felt great, I mean that I was just mindlessly fucking some just to come , I had passion , I had emotions and most of all I was happy . It was safe to say I was in love , yep that all it took one night of dancing , conversation, and passionate sex to bring me too my knees . I know a lot of my readers and friends never thought that it was possible for me to get pussy whipped, but in a way I did . I even went farther to show that I was whipped by show up at her house two days after that first encounter at 8 A.M. ( can someone say psycho stalker please !) , she was shock that I popped up by house her place without calling first or maybe the fact that it was 8A.M. On a Monday morning and she was in the middle of getting ready for work that day . I didn't completely blow my chances after that stunt . We started spending a lot of time together . I introduced her to my friends in the King street scene and she showed me a different views about life . It got deeper and deeper for everyday , of course I was still mess around with other women but there wasn't a commitment factor thrown in the mix yet . Then one week she did a game changer on me , it was one nite when we just finish having sex she told me about her plans for the rest of week .

“ I have an friend that I was in the navy with coming over for a week” ,she said .
“oh ,really is this a male friend ?” , I asked .
“ yes , he's my ex . I dated him when I was in my first year of service . He is older than me, but he's a really nice guy and I promise him that I would let him stay here and show him around . I just need you to stay away from the house till he leaves on next Sunday . Okay?”
“yeah it cool” , I said .
For a whole week I avoided contact with her. No calls, no visits , I was a ghost . I was doing a job staying away , even though I was getting mentally dope sick not seeing for this period of time. Yes it was that bad for me . Then it happen I bumped into her at another club in North Charleston on a Saturday nite , all I was thinking was “fuck! , I've tired all week to avoid this from happen I can't let her see me . Maybe I should leave . No , this club is big enough to hide in “. and before I can find a good hiding spot , see saw me . Those eyes was fixated on me , but she was with him and group of other people , so I played it cool and keep my distance . Then there was a moment when she step away and came over to me and started talking me .
hey , we just wanted to check out this club tonight ”, she said.
yeah this is my anti-downtown club , I been coming here for quite a while now “ , I said
okay , well he's leaving tomorrow morning , so how about you come over later on that night around 8?” ,she said .
sure I'll see you tomorrow then “,i replied.
That Sunday night I came over , we talked for a while . Made our way to her bedroom and made up for week worth of sex in about 2 hours . One thing I grew comfortable doing with was pillow talk after sex, because up to this relationship I just had sex and after the deed was I got dress intermediately and try to find a smooth way to exit as smooth as my entry. It was at this time she made her power move and said out of no where
just to let you know I never had sex him while he was here .”
well just to let you know I don't if you did .”, I said
oh? Why is that “ , said asked
well I'm not really your man , I don't pay your bills , so really I have no say-so on what you should do with your body .” , I explained.
She gave me a smile and said those three little words to me.
I love you.....” and wrapped her arms around me and rested her head on my chest.
I've always you loved you....” I replied .
At this moment that was the game changer for me because I never told anyone “ I love you “ unless I really meant . Especially to a women unless I was really in love with . To understand this part of me you have understand my upbringing . My mother is a very affectionate women , for the most part she didn't give a lot for materials in life , but she did give me a lot of love . Even still to this day she has the power to say things to make me feel like I'm still 5 years old . To me those three little words are powerful to me , and when they come from someone who isn't related to me it very strong . This was the moment that change everything . In my eyes this was a shift from just being some guy that she was just hanging out with and fucking to a full blown boyfriend , so I believed . There was moments when she wanted to even wanted to go farther into the relationship , she asked me to moved in with her, but my fear of failure kept me from committing to that act . When I look at back at the smarter thing to do was accept the invite and let the cards fall where there may, but I was immature chicken shit and accept the ofter which was the first step in my downfall . The best failure was yet to come .
It was the month of August she had plans to make a trip down to Orlando for a big rave party that was happen down there , she asked me to go with her with I was accepted the offer . The plan was we'll go to the party , hang out with her friends , then on the way back stop at the camp site for the nite and camp outside .but there was another strange catch, since we was going to be around her friends she didn't want me to act like I was her boyfriend around them . Which I thought was complete bullshit but any , it seem like a great idea at the time . This trip was to take place in September . I wasn't living near her at the time , matter of fact I moved even move farther away to North Charleston, just because the rent was cheaper than West Ashley . I was rooming with my aunt which is my mother's youngest sister . I had my money saved up for the trip , that when she informed me that she needed $200 since her boyfriend at the time had to spend some of their money to repair the car that they had , I knew they needed that car to get back and forth to work . I gave them the money that I had saved up for my weekend , I had to help her out and cancel my plans to take the trip , short to say she didn't take the news well .
so are you ready for the trip”, she said
yeah , about that . There's been a problem . I had to give my aunt the mother to fix her car , since her and boyfriend didn't have any extra money to fix it ,and they need that car to get around .” , I said
I could almost feel the disappointment in her voice and she said , “ man I getting tired of you not having your shit  together I' ll just see you when I get back.” then she hung up.

Most of that weekend I was a bit pissed that I gave that money away but in a way now that I look at it that trip would've destroyed us anyway, because later on I would find out that the friend we was going to stay with was an ex-boyfriend , so that was her whole point of making her “friend” in front of those people who knew here best . Matter of fact when she came back I begin to see less and less of her. Until one day she called me up and asked to come over and hang at her new townhouse , and I got a bit of a surprise when I saw her, her roommate , her roommate's boy and her friend from orlando who moved in with her . I mean it was apparent that they was dating because the town was a two bedroom .
I was never great at math but two rooms divided by two couples, it was easy to see what was going on .
I went into break up depressing on the worst level , only my closest friends knew what kind of hell I was in . It was on one fateful nite when I bumped into her at level 2 of all places (this club has to the focal point of everything in my life ) . she came over and asked me a quick question.
yeah I was hanging with K.Hopp one day and asked him how you was doing and when was the last time he saw you?”
yea you did?” , I asked .
yea he told me to stop fucking with your head , and that I've done enough damage to you .” , she said
I shot back “ well he's right in away “
listen Damond you're the pure sweetest soul I know around here , I never meant to hurt you.” , she said to me .
well I feel like my heart has been cut out , you have no idea how much I loved you.” , I said
she shot me one of those smiles that always made my heart melt and said “ come home with me tonite”
I knew I would want this , but I had to asked her the ultimate question that could sum up where I was in her book .
well if I come home with is this going to bring back together again?” , I asked
well I'm not thinking that far ahead” she replied.
well I am , not coming  if it not all then it's nothing “ , I said
when I look back at maybe it was test or maybe not . I know that months later I would end up having sex with her one last time , and then she would have a new man in her life . Those few months I had with her echoed in my life  forever . After this relationship I figured that it just doesn't pay to get emotional invested into a women , so seeking revenge on the female gender and becoming self destructive was my new goal . To bury myself in a dark world of sex , drugs and rock and roll . This was the only way I could numb the  pain . I was aim to fuck , fight , drink, smoke and snort my pain away . Tyler Durden was right “ it only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything”................