Sunday, December 23, 2012


Well my first blog entry was about my first swinger party , which went quite well , but I also learn that you're not really a gamer until you go to an actually swingers club . Swinger parties are usually thrown by a home owner who invites their friends and other like minded people within their network, but swinger clubs is like going to a night club , but with one catch you can most likely fuck someone inside the club with little or no game , because everyone there is also looking for a sexual encounter. Most of the work is already done, all you need is walk around the room and see you like and see if a little small talk can lead to some random nookie .

Now to fully understand now this night came about , you need to understand the back story which a big chunk of it is in the bbw swinger party story . One thing about my life as I learned over the years is there's is no six degree of separation with me , there's usually 2 or 3 with me in my case . As I learn this gets smaller when I meet people online . As to date I have over 1200 friends on facebook some of them friends from high school , some of are porn star and adult models(yea I know I'm such a groupie ), and a large portion of them are females I've met on various dating sites and other social media sites. One of these ladies are I had a friendship with was hot white women with blonde dreadlocks from Canada , who lived in Philadelphia, Pa . We talked one and off for a few years online and on the phone . When I found myself living in New York City , I also knew I was closer to her and could have a way of meeting with her .

Sometimes fate has a funny way of working things out in the strangest ways. Paths can cross through some of the funnies means and common interest . My Saturday nite started like it usually does when I was done with work , sitting in of the computer looking for what I could get into or whom I can get into , when I was on yahoo IM with Blondedread , and had another window open with Tee checking to see what was her and Cee's plans were that night . Well the happy freaky couple was going to swinger club in Brooklyn called Cas Bar, and at the same time blondedread was on the road to New York City , and where was going , yep you guest it Cas Bar . Fate would have it that blondedread and I had two common friends , yep Tee and Cee , they've known each for a while and had a few threesomes and orgies together , so they invited me to tagged along , since Saturday nites are couple night there and with me being the 4th person the ratio was now balance .

I got myself in the shower , made my way to my car and drove out to their place in Brooklyn in haste . When I go to there block , I was instructed to park my car and ride with them , so I got inside and saw blondedread for the first , she was hotter than pictures , it was not until we got to the club I didn't see her fully body , she was tall (5'11) a nice set of double DD's breast , followed by nice plump ass , really it was a work of art .

Now the club was in downtown Brooklyn , in the sunset park area . When you first pull up you notice the place is nothing more just a warehouse from the outside , but once inside it was a nicer looking place ,we paid the $40 dollars per couple admission price for entry , check in our coats , and made our way to the bar . Now the one thing I notice was that the bar had bartenders , but you had to bring your own liquor . The sexy bartender would label your name to your bottle . This place had all the normal shit you see in a night , there was the bar , a dance floor , tables and a lounge area , but once you get past that you see we're this is no saw of the mill night club , once you walk around the room you'll see there's a glory hole booth , and then there's the bondage section . First there's wooden bench , which if you have the rope you can tie down your lover and let your pleasure works itself from there , and then there's the St. Micheal cross , which is a 7 foot high wooden X with black straps at each corner , I do not need to explain what this for …., on the other side of the room is a row if empty rooms with smalls beds in them , when you get to the end of the hall there's a open room where you can watch at other people have sex , or you can watch them have sex . Then on the other side is the orgy area . This is an open area from which I can I see has least 50 mattresses laying flat on the floor , and sex sling in the corner .

When ever I'm in a social setting for the first time I usually walk around feel out the crowd , check out the women in the room , see what kind of men are in the place . In the lounge area there was a small group of people gathering . They all we're cheering like they were at a sporting event , as I made my way over I got the chance to see what all the cheering about . What I saw by far was the most awe inspiring thing I have seen never since that night . There was three white guys sitting on the brown leather sofa , with three white women on their knees give them oral sex , like it was a fucking track meet, their must have been some kind of contest with either a cash prize , bragging rights , who the fuck knows what at stake . All I know was that these chicks meant business , they we're suck , and stroking those cocks with the same kind of virtuosity of Olympic sprinter in 100 meter dash . I was getting winded just watching and there's was a small part of me that was thankful one of these women wasn't working my cock., I've might need to go see a rape crisis counselor afterwards , it was that brutal. There was other things going on in the room other than the royal rumble of blowjobs .

There was a guy there giving erotic massages , and of course there's was all the horrible line dancing , so I made up my mind to actually talk to a woman , since blondedread had already hook with some other dude and cee and tee bailed on me, leaving alone to fend for myself . So after mingling around for what seems like an hour I found a women to talk to . She was older (45) and was there with her husband (he never told me his age ) , we met in the smoking section , had a small discussion , which lead to us talking at a table by the bar . She told me about her husband , how they both served in the military , also that they been in the “lifestyle“ for 10 yrs , this talk when on for about hour , and then she drop this hint on me .

“we'll if you wanna have sex with someone , all you have to do is asked .”, she said
“really !? , all I have to say is 'hey you wanna go have sex '” , I replied
“yep..”she replied
“well thanks, I'll keep in mind for later”, I said.

Yes you heard right she basically gave me a greenlight to have sex and I missed the signal . Well' not really I just wasn't in the mood to fuck her at the moment . She knew it and decided to dismiss herself , and find someone else to take her up on her offer . Since I cock blocked myself , I needed to find some way to redeem myself , but as night wore on it became more difficult to fulfill this goal . I found blondedread , who was in a room fucking some black biker dude for the past hour . We walked around the room for while until we came up to the bondage area .

“wow, this is some cool stuff .” said she .
“yea , I like this area the most “ , I said
“so do you know who to use this stuff ?” , she asked .
“ well yes I do , why you you wanna play?”, I asked
yea , I like to spanked , HARD, are you up to it “ , she confirmed .
okay let me get you in this thing “, I said .

She walked over to the St. Micheals cross and spread-ed her arms into the cross , with her face , facing towards the cross , I secure her arms and her legs. Unbutton her paint and pull them , she was wearing a thong so there was no need to pull down her panties . I gave her a deep kiss on her lips , and grab a handful of her long blonde dreadlocks and said in a firm commanding voice “YOU'RE MINE NOW!”

I begin pulling one hair as I slapped hand hard on her ass with my bare hand , while shouting insulting commands , and demeaning words at her , between the spankings I would slowly and gently rub her ass, and rubbing her clit . This went on for about 30 minutes . Now I was totally in the rapture of moment , and didn't notice a crowd begin to gather around us . It was mixture of men , and women , couples and singles . The men was asking my permission to touch or spank her . She told them “no! You can't touch , only my master can touch me !” , this was empowering to me since I was the only guy spanking her plump bare ass.

Once I was done , I untied her and we hug and kiss , we shared a very special moment . A moment of lust , submission , domination, and passion all rolled into one . Then she walk always and then I started getting the rock star treatment . Men we're coming to men shaking my hand , women was asking me to spank them next . Yeah all eye we're on me . Then the night took a turn of the strange and funny , all it took was one man to show me that some freaks fly their freak flag too high .

I pass on the opportunity, and just stood there and let the man speak , this would allow me time to re focus on what was going on . Plus I didn't know his wife like , god know where her vagina has been before this encounter .
The most fucked up thing was he was serious , this dude wasn't fucking around , he stood about 5'5 slim build , but was in excellent shape , with brown gel spike hair . He was wear a dog collar that was made for a female . He also made it a point to so me and my friends he was wearing women panties , that right WOMEN PANTIES ! I thought I have seen it all but after being around this guy for 10 minutes I notice that my strange journey was far from over . His wife and him ,made their way into the open view room where him, his wife , tee , cee and some other they know had an orgy for the whole club to see . Well he did didn't really join in , he just fulfilled his foot fetish by licking and smelling all the other women feet in the while jerking himself off . All I did was watch not in shock or amusement, just thinking about how I set myself up for night like this and how I find myself in this situations. More the I think about it the more I feel I need to have a traditional relationship with women and friends .

The night was dying down , but one thing about tee and cee partying with never ends unless they say so , they invited gooch and his wife over to their (if memory serves me they never showed up ) we loaded ourselves back into blondedreads SUV and headed back to cee's and tee's place . Where I actually had the chance to fuck blondedread at their house , I have to admit the pussy was great . It was so great it was hard for me to lost my erection.. she was impression , she kept trying to bend it and was saying “look it so hard and it not going down” . Well I guess you dick would stay hard too after a night being put through the 9th gates of blue ball hell..........

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I never be homophobic , I have gays in my family , and in my circle of friends . For me people are people , I always let their action determining how I treat them ,not their preference of their sex partners judge my actions towards them . I've been in gay bar and nightclub , matter of fact I find them more entertaining than the regular straight meat market clubs I usually go to, because the music is better ,most of the people there love to dance and don't have the typical male cock envy egos . When I think about the time I was exposed to the gay culture I look at about the time i as going to the  treehouse night club. It was in the summer of 1994 I came back to charleston after staying in the midwest for a year and was staying with my Aunt in the section of west ashley . They lived next door to bunch of younger people who hung out at the treehouse and one of them actually ended up working the front door for awhile . Their was 2 women and one guy that occupied the apartment . He was gay , the other women straight , and the redhead who ended up working at the house was bi . I always enjoyed hanging out there with them. I also started hanging out on King Street a lot around this time , this was where I ended up meeting friends there that I still have up to this day .

One can say the rave scene of the 90's was neo hippie culture than was shadow of the 60's counter culture scene , but just a little darker and twisted. Disco gave birth to house music , in turn hip hop gave birth to break beats and drum bass which in turn was the soundtracks for most gay clubs throughtout the United States , and add drugs like ecstasy ,cocaine, and meth and you got a power keg of sexual depravity and heighten level of open mindedness.

So when a little history lesson over with let's move on to this story . When I look back at where my sexually history I wonder how many other men go through this kind of shit I have put myself through just for the rush of a organism, well I don't really ponder on that through too much because if I do I have to think about how much of a low life I was .

In my long list of sexually conquests I've actually have TWO lesbians on that list , yes I said it . Lesbians , now before you start thinking “ well if they slept with you they must've not been lesbians “ , well I was thinking the same thing too , but I think that first women case she was trying to see if you can fit into the mainstream society and used me as a test subject, and the other was just a young confused semi -butch who still like a cock in her mouth and didn't have the heart to tell her partner about her cock cravings .

The little butch that couldn't........

during this period of time I was partying …..ALOT! So much I rarely saw my house , I crash anywhere , and almost everywhere . One I night I was club hoping of a Friday night between Level 2 and the old Acme bar . Some how I manage to win some cash and also a free tab , so I did what I did best get wasted and try to score some nookie , but it was a epic failure . One thing about me is that I was a bad drunk back then add the crazy drug habit I had back then some  of the most screwed  up things well come out of my mouth and I'll become my own personal cock blocker . Since I failed on my objective if hooking up with a female in one spot I figured it was time for me to move to a better location , which was King Street , since most of the bars there was open till 5 am. at the time . Once again no success . It was getting near 6am I had no luck with the getting laid objective .

Then another problem presented itself , I didn't have a place to crash , well other than my house . I really can't recall how I met her , but she was someone who knew the same circle of friends I hang with .she also had the same problem and she lived way out in Summerville which is almost 45 minutes away . I still had some cash on me and devised the plan to get a cheap motel room for the day and we can sleep there . It was in west ashley on savannah highway barely 10 mins away from downtown . She agreed to go I found someone to give us a ride there . I got us check in and made a b-line to the bed and turn the TV on and started watching MTV , a Madonna video came one and I mad this comment “ I would so fuck Madonna” . There was a small paused then she replied “ I would too …...” now at the time I wasn't thinking lesbian , I was thinking she was bi , there was nothing about her to me at the time that had me  think she was bating for the home team . I figured this was my moment to make my move and try to score some quick sex , which it did happen. Which it wasn't my best performance. I was drunk, high on way too many drugs and just wanted to get a quick nut out , this was the best and the most willing partner I can find at the moment .

We went to sleep shortly after that , when I woke up she was fully dress and told me she had some friends coming to pick her up . Shorty after that was was out the door and I was back to my evening activities of partying . Then a few days later some friends come to me laughing and drop the inside joke on me

friend 1 “so I heard you hooked up with JJ …..”
me, “yeah ….why is that a bad thing?”
friend 2 “so you didn't know she's a lesbian “
friend2 ,”yup , me and her used to date I was her first girlfriend at the mental hospital …....”
me,”damn I had no idea ...”
friend 2 “ yeah when I asked why , she said , she wanted to see if she can go straight …...”
now when I look back at it maybe if I knew this I would've put out a better effort , I mean I got better at drunken sex as I got older , but I was 22 at the time and my focus wasn't that great.

The fallout......

Many of years have pasted since that fateful night , we might crossed paths a couple times after that event , but I would later on in life I become a father and have given up on  the self destructive party lifestyle . One day while at the mall with my daughter ,I bumped into her , she was a bit chunkier and went more butch than I remembered her , but she seem happy and was glad to see me , I'm sure because of my performance that night I made her go deeper into her sexuality , and release her inner butch .hey you win some , you some turn out .lesbians your welcome.........

Constant Cravings.........

About 2 years ago I moved to the Orlando Florida area with the hope of trying to recharge my life. The only thing I ended up charging was my sex life in levels I never thought I was going to take it . most of those Florida stories are for another time this one need to does fall under this current subject matter . Now as you know I do have a habit of meeting for meet women one dating website , and I manage to hook up with this one woman on a site name The only part of profile photo showed her body for the shoulders down , which wasn't a bad body . She wasn't my usually type but she had a great ass by what I saw so far , so I sent her a friend request , she accepted , then I sent my contact info .

She hit me up on my cell and explain what she was looking , she explain that she's in a relationship , with a butch chick and that her girlfriend didn't have any clue that she still like a penis inside her from time to time. Mostly she just wanted to give me a blowjob. Because she said that what like doing the most with a man . She asked to come over one afternoon when her girlfriend was gone to work in the afternoon . The only problem was that she was living in Deland Florida with is like 10 minutes away for Daytona beach and 30 mins away from where I was working in Longwood . Plus she wanted to meet during the time I was work , but there's always a way around a problem . Since my job needed me to go one the road and visit customers to either collect money from them or repo their rims I manage to make a trip out there to run a past due customer and take a break to run my cock in her mouth .she text me her address

I came to her place , when see open the door she seems a lot hotter in person than her pictures , she was a cute latina , about 5'9 dark curly hair that went past her shoulders , she was wear a pair of sweatpants and a sport bra . So I sat down on the couch and we talk for a few minutes , she told me she was a basketball player in high school and also play for her junior college too , which sort explain the whole lesbian leanings . So I cut down to chase and stood up in front of her and zip my pants ,she took off there sport bra and unbutton my pants and pull out my erect penis and slam her mouth into. Now I don't if she was lying about the whole lesbian thing , but I knew she wasn't lying about her love for giving blowjobs , because she suck like she mastered the art of blowjobs or she wrote the book “blowjob for dummies” . I never been much into blowjobs I've always like regular intercourse , but this chick should be the model of what all blowjobs should be .

That was only encounter with her , it maybe it was for the best . I still wonder if she's considered tell her girlfriend her dark cravings......