Monday, January 10, 2011

vanilla thick love...........

Fellas , yes you I’m talking to you, that sitting at home on Friday night , getting groomed , trimming those nosed hairs, that beard, picking out the latest hottest fashion , metro sexual , douche-bag, alpha-male dick head , yeah you. Just a small hint sometimes all that shit isn’t going to help in the pussy department , all you need is a special talent to win the girl., and for me that the ability was dancing , yes I know I don’t look like the dancing type , but at one time my claim to fame was being a skillful freestyle dancer in the clubs .Well, for me it started going to raves , yeah the early 90's was the golden age for raves in the southeast , and with Charleston only being 8 hours away from the rave capital of the United States of Orlando florida this had to happen. Shortly before I entered the army I was shown the club life by some friends , and that was the treehouse , this club was ahead of it time in charleston , even for the 90's charleston was still 5 years behind culturally  to other cites , this club had a come as you are attitude , it didn't matter if you was gay , straight , bi, black , white , Latino, Asian, lungfish
you got in the door , the club was in the middle of the action in downtown Charleston , while all those preppie assholes , and yuppie douche bags , party on Market st till 3 a.m. they had the late nite party crowd college. The hardcore member of this scene was the young kids of this counter culture , they we’re punk rockers, metal heads , and neo-hippies ,ultra hipper’s , a new young generation ,raised on Mtv, Run DMC records , Iron maiden poster on the wall ,misfits skulls tattooed into their DNA , the kids that mocked by the jock and was bullied by the so called popular kids. They found a small haven to call their own , for me this was my bliss , I found myself sucked in , there wasn’t any where else I wanted to be,  but to get respect in the tribe you had to move like the tribe and that summer I aim to dance as good, if not better than them .
Back to you guys , here’s a little secret , women find men who dance well sexy because in their minds a man that can move hips and also moves his cock in the same fashion , this when I found my sex life become more ample and fruitful. When the treehouse closed the club for good , I was left spinning looking for a new place to dance I didn’t really know about any other clubs in charleston at the time or any clubs around town that place techo and house music a regular so I was left to wonder the landscape looking for a place to dance .First was level 2 this was located on the market at the it was a 21 and over crowd,and  then they lowered the age to 18 and up that where the fun really started I met a lot of people at this club some of them I’m still friends till this day , this was also the club where I met the mother of daughters at too , huh if it wasn’t for this club , and my desire to not wear a condom at the time with my beautiful daughter would’ve never seen the light of day .At the time their was a lot of beautiful ladies but a lot of hot full figured ones too .
The woman who left the biggest impression on me in a big was JJ , she was a hottie, soft facial features , a bit tall , full thick legs , and a set of ample breast , basically she was build like a black woman , a very thick black woman  ,the kind sister that would make a brotha kill another man for just looking at ass too hard . The detail about her ass are stuff of  legends , back when I first met she was a curvy size 13 but with a size 18 ass . Low raise jeans didn’t stand a chance on hips if they even stayed there long enough , it was as if her ass and her jeans was in battle on body and the ass was winning. At first she was my club buddy , we’ll go out and hang that was about no sex or anything closed to it , but one night that would change .
It was another Friday at level 2 , nothing usual , drinking , dance , me being a complete male slut .JJ love to drink heavily, but just like most women she’s a horrible drunk, falling all over the place. Trying to speak Spanish ( at this time I didn’t know  if she spoke Spanish at the time or was just full of shit ) . What was to happen next is how she ended spending the night with me  at the time , in mix of her booty dancing with guys and pounding down shots , she ended up losing here keys to her car , and since she was my ride home and my car was back my place we was going to have to take a cab home.
When we arrive at my house , it was late and I was living with my cousin and his wife , unlike most weekend nights when there is usually people hanging out drinking and smoking weed , this night was quite and the was empty . We made our way to my bedroom , where she’s started whinnying about how much a fuck up she is and how she was in love with her then boyfriend ( he was in texas, which she made broke one of my all times rules in dating , I never screw a woman who’s in a relationship, just too much drama). So as I started comforting her and trying to put her at ease , the evil little man in my paints started to take control , let me just stay this before this story goes on any more , lust is bitch , a very , big bitch , people can control their natural impulses, you get me in a dark room with a sexy big booty, curvy woman and I don’t have the fortitude to control myself and  with this woman I really didn’t want to, so back to my little tale , as I was hugging her and caressing her I just could stop thinking about how sexy and plump her ass looked in those jeans all night  long, you know the old song , touching becomes hugging, hugging becomes kissing , and kissing have you going down on a very  drunk, crying person in the middle of night , so one I got her naked I really notice how big her ass was , hips was flat but the ass cheeks as popping out on the sides , sort of like a reverse muffin top . All I wanted to do was too feel how it was to be inside her , and once I got there it wasn’t like heaven , but I did know I was going to hell for this
That morning I had to go to work and open the gas station I was working at the time , and was sitting there replaying the whole night in my head again , and then it hit me , like a strong pimp slap , that was wearing brass knuckles , did I just commit a small form of date rape ? I mean, I did leave her naked in my bed that morning , she was half asleep when she told me good morning . OH LORD THIS IS CHARLESTON SOUTH CAROLINA  , AND A WHITE WOMEN SCREAMING RAPE STILL HOLDS A LOT OF WEIGHT HERE , EVEN IF SHE HAS JUNGLE FEVER . With guilt and a possible jail term of 7 to 25 circling my head I begin to worry bit and she called me at work and laid my worries to rest , well sort of . “how are we going to get my car from downtown , and do you remember where I parked.” she said , and I said “ I do remember , but we’ll take care of that when I get off , did you remember what happen last night when you got to my house”, I said
“I think we had sex , right “ she said .
“yes we did “ I replied
“Yeah this have happen to me a few times before , this is how I ended up hooking up with my last boyfriend “, she said
then she informed me “ this won’t happen again , it was just a one night thing “
“Yeah” I said in a disappointing voice. This is going to happen again ...............I was also thinking at the same time .
Once I got home from work my cousin and his wife gave a ride to her car , where the locksmith was waiting to cut her a new set of keys , she called me later on for another outing this time I kept her keys for safe keeping . It was the usual night drinking , dancing , and leaving the club , but this time I invited her back inside , to see if I could score again , and dammit I did , this time she wasn’t too drunk not to remember this fuck .
This went on for months , even though she had a man and I was still being a slut , screwing around most of time with any woman willing to let sleep with them without any headaches . But the more this was happen the most that little thing called guilt started to overcome me , because I was in love with JJ but didn’t know to fully express it at the time , plus my love life was more fuck up than any made for tv drama . It was a simple problem of too many women not enough Damond to go around , and as much as I wanted to be with JJ she was under the impressing that I wasn’t the settle down ( she not the only one of  females in my life to thinks of me ) matter of fact at the time I wasn’t sure if I was even worth trying to tame .Just like all good thing this came to an end , she ended up leaving Charleston and marrying the boyfriend ,becoming a mother of two boys , and also divorcing him too few years , matter of fact she ended up screwing around a times after that, right up to close the time I left Charleston to move to Orlando . She was the 2nd woman I have fallen in love with and still break my heart every time a thought of her flashes my mind , ever since then I’ve always compare all women that I will fall in love to her , because if I ever want to fall in love and commit to them they need to be on her level .