Tuesday, April 12, 2011

your mommie is my lil' slut, plus your grandma got my cock on her breath

With single parents becoming more prevalent , there is a likely chance a single male between the age of 21 to 30 will find himself dating a single mother , and with the teenage mothers becoming more popular (thank you MTV !) . There will be another likely chance that a single male in my age group (31-50) will find themselves dating a grandmother . These two group are better know as MILF's and GILF's . For those of you who been living under a fucking rock for the last 20 years MILF mean “Mom I Like to Fuck , and GILF's are Grandma's I Like to Fuck .

I have found my screwing around with both of these social classes of these women within my lifetime so far . This would be a long list of women , but I refuse to write stories about every single one of them , simply it would boring in some ways and dull . Every time I see a hot , plump ass, big titted women , I always see about 2-3 rugrats in tow behind her , and then I start to wonder .”We if she was my girl we would've have more kids than that by now , cause I would dump a gallon of semen in her every night”. Out of all the milfs and gilfs I 've fucked thus so far only two worth telling about . Yes ladies I know there's long list of milfs and gilfs who have had my cock , and these tale will shutdown any complains . To put it plainly if you wanna be in my stories you gotta top these women.The whorish , slutty behavior that these two women we're willing to do , I mean this is the type of stuff that in those porn movies that you boyfriend watches, then tells his buddies about . Then is too chicken shit to live them out with you .These women at in my elite book of fucking , and that a very small book.

The story of red , the cock slut .
Red was old fling of mine that dates back to the time I was dating Shirley. We used to bumped into each other at plump crazy's in North Charleston. At the time she was a bit thin for my taste but cute with long strawberry blond hair . The thing that attracted me the most to her (other than huge DD tits) was this strong peaceful connection I had when I was around her . I was hooked wanting to spend more time with her was going to be problem . Well of course I had Shirley back at the house , but she also had boyfriend at home herself . Well it was safe to say after a few fail attempts I back away . We lost track of each other for years . Only to find each other again , but this time the timing was a little better. Well she ended up marring the boyfriend that she was with when I first met her , and also had a son by him too . At the time I first met her she already had a son who was about 2 years old at time (keep in mind this was 1996 !). She was at the bar I was starting to become a regular at , and I was shock to see her , and so was my cock. We exchange stories , and also numbers. Now let me remind you the closest thing I've done with this woman was kissing . So the first time we fucked was at my baby momma's house where I was living at , but I was on my way out of house anyway was going through another break up . It was standard sex, she blew me , I ate her pussy , fucked for 20 min, I came done . The second time was magical . She called me over to her house , she was wear a thong and was half asleep. I started to play with ass . She begin to wiggle then woke up , then she shoved my cock into her mouth and didn't devouring my cock till her nose hit my pelvis, this was the most violent blow job I've ever received , the deeper she inserted my cock into her mouth the louder was the gagging sound she made. So I made her flip on her back , with her neck hanging off the bed . Then like the fame porn star max hardcore I place my right hand on her chin and my left hand on her hair . Then I proceeded to face fuck her , I would switch my left from pulling her hair to slapping her huge breast . There used to be times when I slapped her tits so hard I used to leave my palm print on them . So I figure this was the sluttiest women I've been with so I figured I was going to test her threshold . I popped my dick out of her mouth , did a military style about -face, and threw my ass in front of her face , where she knew just just what to do with it . She started to bury her face in my asshole , then she took her hand and started giving me a tug job at the same time . Now I heard of rusty trombones' , but never thought in millions years I could find a women willing to give one. So once I have check that off my sexual bucket list , the next thing to do was simple , fucking her.

So she flipped over on her belly , pointed her has in the air . I knew this scene all too well . But this time I was going to really test her . I mounted her and then shove my hard wet cock into her tight asshole , and she took it very well . “ YES! RAPE MY ASS WITH YOU THICK BLACK COCK!” she screamed . For some reason this turn me on even more . I probe my cock deeper into her asshole , then she screamed the hot line , “ YOU OWN THIS ASS!!!!!”. Damn ,I was floored after that . It was the first time I came so hard I felt emotionally and physically drained . It was safe to say after she was the number one chick I was fucking . No other chick was never as good as her at the time . Whenever I wanted crazy kinky sex , she was more than willing to do anything my dirty mind could come with . There was a small catch to all this freaky fucking .it was her soon-to-be ex husband. I guess he couldn't handle the fact he was losing her , and even worst she was fucking a black man . So late one nite I was sleeping I got a call my cell , from a number I've never seen before . I answer the phone and a low voice was on the other end . “You're fucking my wife”. The voice said.
“What?” , I said.
“YOU'RE FUCKING MY WIFE !!!!!!” the voice scream .
I was puzzled so I response with “ who's your wife dude?”
“RED!” he yelled
“ yeah, you're right I'm fucking her..” I laughed back at the voice
at this point I figure the genie was out of the bottle and there's was no need to keep it sercet .
“I WANNA KICK YOUR ASS!!!” , said the voice.
This was the last night I needed at 2 am some , drunk, fat, angry white asshole trying to fight me . So I did what any asshole would do in a situation like this , I call his bluff .
“YOU WANNA KICK MY ASS !' I yelled .
“YEAH!”, he said .
“Well meet at the Wal-Mart parking at center point in North Charleston , in 40 minutes I'll be in a blue Navigator. “ I instructed him .
“I”M ON MY WAY MUTHAFUCKER!” , he scream as I hear his tires spinning in the road .
I ended the call and went back to my beauty sleep, what a fucker .
I mean c'mon this marriage was over I wasn't the home wrecking in this marriage , this small dick , bad sex skills , and simply being a pussy whipped bitch kill this marriage . Not even Dr Phill could fix this cluster fuck of a marriage. The post script to this story is that later the bastard got sober and realize that he picked a fight with a black dude who was bigger than him . That when he had a moment of clarity. And reneged on his so- ass whipping . All I could think is what a pussy . No wonder she's leaving you .

I have a story about your grandma ….........

Wine can get better with age , and sometimes the same can be said about women , it just depends on how much shit they took from men over years. In some I always used to have a fetish about older women , not too old though, like someone who my mother's age . Up to this point the oldest woman I've date was only 10 years older than me , and that was when I 22 and she was 32. Not really a big deal since most women are at their sexual peak is around their early 30's and most men in their early 20's , but i'm going to her story much later on. This story is about freaky grandmother who loves cock , but most importantly my cock .

When social websites became the norm , so did the dating sites . I was told about a website called “collarme.com”. It was a site where the freaks came to play , where sub's and dom's can find love in all the worst places . I made a profile stating I was looking for a bbw and I was switch , which means I could be a dom or sub . I just sat back and waited for the magic to happen. I had a message from a 43 year old woman . Telling her name and that she thought I was sexy and she wanted to meet . The only problem was she was in Myrtle Beach , and I was living in Summerville which is over 2 hour away from each other . We talk online and over the phone she had a sexy voice , like a phone sex operator . We exchange pictures , one of happen to be the freakiest picture I've ever received from a woman online . Two pictures. One was a can of Pepsi , in her vagina . The second was a trailer bar hitch in her asshole . ( these pictures are available on request email me for proof ). With these two pictures it was proof that she was just  the women I needed in my life at this moment . Someone who was down for whatever , just like me . Someone I could be the freakiest person I wanna be and wouldn't judge me for it . I mean c'mon how could you judge me for my perverted thoughts when you're using you snatch for a coozy.

At this time in my life I was working at sofa express as a delivery helper . The pay was good and the work hours was even better . I went to work around 6 am and went home after we finish doing all the deliveries for day with usually was about 11 am or 2pm . This was a great job for me it gave me time to bullshit and slack off for the rest of the day . The bad news was the company was losing money and was going out of business , but there was plenty work to be done before the day on reckoning. It was one day when there wasn't any deliveries to be done that so I was told to say home . Right after that call I got the call from ada . “hey what are you doing today ?” , she said .
“nothing , I 'm home today there wasn't any work for me today .”
“great !, can I come over and see you ?”, said ada
“sure, I'll give you directions”,i replied
She appeared at my door wearing a pink v-neck sweater , which held up her huge D cup breast very well . She stood about 5'5 and had a nice big ass and thick thighs, I greeted her with a strong hug invited her into my home  , and lead her to my bedroom . We talk, for it only seem like five minutes, before we both knew I was pulling her pants off going down on her, biting and slapping her ass. She was on her knees , stroking my cock, shoving it in and out of mouth . I mean for a mature women she surly didn't fuck around when getting her fuck on. The sex was primal , almost like prison shower rape , minus the water or the dropping of the soap .Oh but there was anal sex . We must've fuck like 2 or 3 times that morning like this . We ended up spending more time together , hanging out , fucking whenever and however we can . One day she to me with an idea to take a road to North Carolina , with I was down for . I love road trip . It gives me a chance to see something new , other the boring city I was living in . But it was also around this time I also had another milf on the side I was fucking with , Brownie .
The way I met Brownie was on my favorite website for meeting single freaky women. You guess it, Online bootycall .com . She lived in a town named Johnson City , Tennessee. She also had her whorish side too she was screwing around with this dude who lived in Columbia South Carolina . One day she drove down to my house after spending the weekend with him , just so she can meet me and then fuck me , then split back to Johnson City. I still have a few pics of visit . On was her holding my pint of guiness with her cleavage . And the other two was my attempts of fisting very vagina . I told ada about her and said they should meet , I called brownie told her about ada and past the phone over to her . They started chatting and connecting , the next I knew we was going to meet in Columbia for a fuck fest . Brownie also mention she had a master , or maybe she feed her mind slutty  to believe . She wanted him to come along too since he was the reason why she was in Columbia . She talk about his cock and how big it was . I never had dick envy , so I didn't fear that this dude was going to cock block me . We met up with brownie at a gas station , went to a motel 6 . Paid for our rooms . And then went over to get E , once we got there , there's was drama , it seem like on of his other sluts was also paying him a visit, which sort of upset brownie , but then again why get mad a dude of you're fucking him , and not really dating him. I swear only woman can make something so simple as causal sex, so complex. So we finally picked up E , and head to the motel . Where we talked for bit , had a couple drink(always the best social lubricate) . So now we get to the action . Brownie start bragging about E cock and of course ada wants to see . He whips it out , and yea it was huge. It looked like something that belongs in a horse fucking porn or something . Ada just start sucking it while brownie is going down on her . I whip out the camcorder , because this have to be documented . Of course there was toys being used on on ada while I was filming. So E started fucking ada from the back then stuck that horse cock into ada ass the look on her face was priceless. It was like someone shove a hot curling iron into her ass . Around this time I had ada sucking on my cock while E was pounding her ass but like I said before I'm a bit of a sadist. I became a buffer . Everytime when E push forward I would push on ada's shoulders pushing her back on his cock , plunging his dick deeper into her ass. Ada 's face begin to turn red from all this intense action, but she was a champ and hung in there for the whole ride . After this full blown orgy was over me and ada went to over room ,for some one on one time and went to sleep . Later on that day we drove to some small shit hole town in North Carolina , which look like a town that still made moonshine , and cook a lot of meth . I met one of her older sons , and then I met her daughter who came out of the trailer carrying a baby . Then I figured out that the baby was her granddaughter . I was thinking “ shit it one thing to fuck a milf , but to fuck a gilf , mmmm I better not mention to her daughter where here mouth was at last nite , but then again this is the hills of North Carolina some it might be normal.”

*side note was I was writing this story I receive a call from my father informing my grandmother just past away , this was the hardest story to write because I was on page 3 when I heard this news and just remembered how wonderful and special she was to me . She was the first women who show unconditional love really is , and that not all grandmother are molded the same .