Thursday, January 13, 2011

of men and virgins .............

As you can read so far that I enjoy the company of a woman, but theirs is one type of woman I don’t enjoy,  . . . VIRGINS! I never enjoyed the fact knowing I was some poor girl’s first sexual encounter , yes I’m a sadist at times but never consider myself as the beginner’s fuck , really this is not the fucking bunny hill , I like to consider myself as the black diamond of  fucking . I’m too freaky , too rough sometimes and can be a bit too open minded for a virgin. I’ve had a few virgins offer their virginity to me and I had respectfully turn it down , I’ve instructed them to sleep with 5-to-7 guys first then hit me up  , because only then will they be really for what  I can do for them , but I did have two young ladies slip through the cracks and I found myself being the person deflowering them of their virginity and then afterwards I felt like a rape victim , I felt dirty ,defiled , and devoid of emotion.
I myself ,like my women experience in the verse of sex , I don’t need to give them a GPS or mapquest direction on screwing me (maybe that why I have a thing for slutter women).another thing is that I never been one to brag about my penis size , matter if fact I’m quite humble about it , but I’m not on the receiving end of it so I have to say only what I been told about it , that I’m thick and have the perfect length with a slight curve to it, so to put it safe I’m not a small dick man , and I’m not suited for virgins .
I had the displeasure of deflowering six virgins in my lifetime , I still feel like it nothing special , I mean really extreme fundamental Muslims terrorist  are killing themselves  for a lifetime in heaven with 42 virgins, I would gladly  trade a place in hell with 42 former pornstars that did gangbangs . Out of those vile six only two are really worth talking about here .
The first one was ne-ne she was a cute natural redhead , with a nice set of hips and a great pair of triple d’s breast, around this time I was working at hot topic at Northwoods mall in North Charleston and had dreamed going postal there a few times since I took up the job , I really didn’t find it rewarding or hip , but to the rest of  the staff there ,they looked at it like a dream job , and what pseudo-goth/punk/metal-head/ kid wouldn’t , here was a store that would let them keep their image and pay them to look that way all day long , yes I was in hell , to makes things worst even ,every scum -sucking mall rat high schooler  started looking up to me like I was some kind of demi-god, at 25 this was the closest thing to career suicide I could commit , the only thing lower then this job was , a fluffer on a gay porn set or a jizz washer at an adult book store and I'm sure those jobs had perks this one didn't. I was only working this job so I could spend time on my music I was working  on with my hardcore metal band at the time hostile intent, so one day ne-ne and her gay male friend come into the store , looking around and trying on some cloths so I started to talk to both of them , trying to get them to buy a few thing , but unknowingly in this process I was flirting with both of them (or so she told me later on......) , at the time I was wearing on of band t shirts when she asked me about the shirt , I told her about my band and that we had a gig next week at cumberlands downtown , I gave her the date and time , she promise to come out and show her support.
On the night of the gig my mother and aunt was visiting town from New York ,and since my mother have never seen me perform I figured this was going to be a great bonding moment for us , but much to my surprise she ended up bring few more family members than I figured . I was still very nervous about this show because this is a hardcore show , and my mother doesn’t know how these things goes down , you know , young white men , moshing , slamming into each other, sage driving , swing punches and kicks , to an average black person this is chaos on the new level , but on the other hand I did have a few friends there who promise to look after them and treat them like their own family members ,
we was the last band to go on sage there was a small crowd there mostly our fiends and my family members , but as we hit the sage , ne-ne and her small group of friends including the gay dude .I’ve always been a ball of nerves before I do anything publicly and playing live has always been hard for me , so I had my drummer slap the shit out of me to get my blood pumping and ease my fears , so as we start our performance , I was feeling good , and the crowd was going ape-shit , my buddy was buying my mother and my aunt beers and every now and then. I glace at ne-ne and she had this “I’M GOING TO FUCK YOU “ look in her eyes . We ended our set I walked over to my mom and asked her about her input about the show , she gave me a good review , then ne-ne walk over I asked what did she thought of the show , then she with her eyes wide open “you was so hot I almost cream my paints watching you !” I smile and then said “ oh, this is my mother ......” , yea it safe to say she begin to blush after that , so after we pack up our gear I took a walk with ne-ne and her friends down to waterfront park , we talk and walk around and then she told me about the small bet her and here gay had , the bet was who was going to hook up with me ! Well it was safe to say that it wasn’t going to the gay friend , since I’m straight she won this bet from the start . We made out a little and plan to meet up again later on that week .
So next week we met up again , when to see a movie and then took a trip down to Folly Beach that night , where we drove to the east side of the island by the light and took so blankets , where was stated started to make out more, the more we kiss , the move our cloths was being removed , before we knew it , we’re both are naked , I on top of her, kissing on her neck and rubbing my penis on clit , and right before I insert my dick into her pussy , I whisper ,”damn this is a great way to end the night “ and then she return with the shocker line of the night “oh yes this is the way I imagine my first time ,.......”WHAT? As I though to myself , she’s a virgin? No fucking way ?hell no....but yes she was . Well just to let my female readers know I was already past the point of no return , my rock hard cock was already centimeters away for her vagina, and for me blue balls isn’t an option ( well maybe if she offer an blowjob ) , so yea I fucked her , I took her virginity, I know it sound like a classic male ego asshole quote , but she was asking for it ...........
 The second virgin was someone  I met though my gigs with other bands, she was dark haired , fair skin , and a bit curvy at the time also , but she was also one of those good Christian types too , who I would find out later on had a very dark and naughty side too also , On this night I was at at level 2 hanging out dancing I was in complete man whore phase , I ran into her and her best friend at the who used to date this dude who was in a band that my band used to share a few gigs the night ended and her girlfriend was wanting on her to come talk to her before she was going to leave since he was working as a bouncer at this club , so me and Winnie was talking my band and the music we was doing those days , and that when try invited me over to her girlfriends house , who just happen to stay down the street from my aunts place where I was crashing at the time .So I followed them to her place and made my way into the town the townhouse , it was very funny because I was currently screwing about 5 different women with a five mile radius of each other, and two of them were ex-girlfriends , so we was hanging out in the living room talking having a couple of extra drinks , that when her girlfriends man made it over there , so we talked some more , and then they  made their way upstairs to her room, leaving me and Winnie downstairs to ourselves , we immediately started kissing , and petting each other , that when she started to attempt to give me a handjob , which I can tell she was new to this because she wasn’t really doing it right , well at least to my own liking ,so I found myself giving her a small sex lesson , so then I got her naked and as I tried to insert my cock into her she stop me and asked with a serious voice ,”when was the last time you was tested for any STD’s or HIV “ I said “ about 3 months ago ......I’m clean “ which was true  cause I have a close family member who has full blown AIDS and I don’t ever want experience that, so I made it my mission to get tested every 6 months . With that being said , I being to go back to my mission of trying to insert my penis into her pussy and was finding it a bit tight , very tight , I never have this problem before , I mean there’s been a few tight squeezers but this time I throught I miss her vag and was trying to fuck her in the butt , “damn you’re very tight !” I said , and said reply with the hot line of “ I know it my first time “ FUCK !NOT AGAIN , THIS IS TWICE IN ONE YEAR HOW UNLUCKY COULD ONE GUY BE “,once again I found myself beyond the threshold , if she told be this like hours , days or weeks ago I would’ve never tried to fuck her. But dammit , once again I refuse to get blue balls . Unlike ne-ne where we fooled around for a few more months after I took virginity , me and Winnie fooled around on and off for years , and the more I fucked around with  her it seems she show more of a slutty , hot , dark side to herself . Shortly before I wrote this post she asked me my if I was going to post a story about us on my blog , and if I never used her real name , which I assured I wouldn’t and I also told that I wasn’t going to write a story about us she was special and I want to keep our time together to myself , but this was about a subject matter that I couldn’t avoid without including her in the story .So winnie if you do read this sorry but you know that I do respect our friendship , we were young .