Saturday, June 11, 2011

Level 2 Quickies ...........part 1

Well is going to be the first in a series of small stories involving hooking up at level 2 on Market street back in Charleston SC, this club was responsible for me meeting the mother of my two beautiful daughters, and the second woman I fell in love with . It was also the club where I got the chance to screw a lot of hot chicks at too , some of them we're locals , some were vacationers , and a few were drunk college girls. This is my ode to level 2 the club is gone now and has be replaced with a new name and a new look , but if those walls could speak it would call me the biggest man-slut who ever  grace it floors .

Ass identifier.
Well one this night i was hanging with my two home boys I was making with music , Moody, and Crazy Red, Of course Moody was at bar pounding down drinks and Crazy Red was following me trying to learn my gift of game (whatever..). I pass by a group of women dancing together . The shortest member of the group sees me , step in front of her friends and says ,” hey ,do you remember me ?” and I really at that moment didn't remember her , so I had to buy myself some time . I came up with this clever line,”yeah I do we had sex once didn't we “ . she smile and said “yes , we did .” . I was in a Mexican standoff . I had to go back in my mental Rolodex of ass . I kindly asked her “can you turn around for me ?” , in which she did I when I saw her big , plump ass I had total recall. “ SEXY K !” I yelled . “oh ,you remember me ?!!!!?? “ she replied . “ yes I do how could any man forget that sexy ass!” I said . We ended the night screwing at night in Moody's spare bedroom . Sometimes it pay to be an assman .